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Real Estate Agent and Broker Referral Program

By choosing Silver Linings Management as your primary referral vendor, agents receive a referral bonus and an exclusive listing agreement for every closed contract.  


As investors, we manage properties like we own them, so you can rest assured that both the agent and their clients are well cared for under Silver Linings Mgmt.


Save yourself and your clients time while you both make more money.

Start earning passive income today by referring your clients to Silver Linings, enter their details below!

It's As Easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Send us a client.

  2. We contact and contract with the client.

  3. You get paid after the 2nd full month of management.

Why Choose Silver Linings?

  • Keep Your Clients

    • You get an exclusive listing agreement within our management contract.

  • Reduce Your Risk

    • Fair Housing, Lead Laws, Evictions...Oh My! Let us keep your clients in legal compliance, so you can keep selling houses and avoid unnecessary lawsuits.

  • Protect Your Business

    • We’re a professional company, focused on creating Win-Win-Win scenarios. Protecting agents and their clients with strong contracts is a high priority, so we can build lasting mutually beneficial relationships with all those we serve.

  • Best in the Business… Rockstars know Rockstars

    • Strong management can make a good investment great. We strive to give the highest quality service in the industry to your clients to protect and strengthen your reputation.

  • Get Paid Easily

Our Referral Bonus is 75% of one month's management fee. This will be paid on the second month of management.

Get Started by filling out this form.

If you have any questions about our referral program please call or email us. 

Note: Bonuses are paid after the first full month of management. Bonuses are paid on 12 month or longer contracts. 

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Referral Bonus Submission

Agent or Broker Info

Referral Info

Thanks for Submitting a Referral. We will be in touch soon! 

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